יום רביעי, 25 במאי 2011

Advertising and Us

1. Open Google Translate. It is an online dictionary.

2. Open this site and design your own advertisement!

3. Open the comments link and answer the following questions:

       3.1   What is the name of the product?

       3.2   Who do you have to convince to buy it?

       3.3   Translate the  slogans that are suggested.

       3.4   Why is the background image important?

       3.5   What title would you give to the picture                    that you put in your ad?

       3.6   What is appealing for people in your ad?

       3.7   Think of a product that you would like to have.                        Find its advertisement and add it.

       3.8   What does it suggest you except of the product?